4 Ways to Maintain the Quality and Lifespan of Your Freezer

Freezers are rarely given a second thought, but it’s a fundamental piece of appliance that every modern homeowner cannot live without. It’s responsible for keeping meats and vegetables fresh for a long time, which is a necessary step in food safety worldwide.


There’s no doubt that the freezer plays a pivotal function, but seldom do people think about the proper ways to maintain it. While it’s true that freezers are easy-to-use and are designed to last, there are still bad habits that can take a toll on the unit’s efficiency and overall quality.

If you want to care for your freezer and lessen the chances of spending too much on repairs down the line, the list below explores some maintenance tips you need to know:


Tip #1: Ensure the Freezer is at the Optimal Temperature


Most freezers come with an in-built thermostat that makes it easy to check the temperature, though those without one can use a thermometer to check if the temperature is still at the recommended level.


Freezers are best kept at -18 degrees Celcius for food safety, so be sure to regularly check the temperature to ensure it stays within the optimal range. If you notice temperature fluctuations, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with your unit.


Tip #2: Add the Freezer in the Ideal Area


A freezer is not something you can chuck anywhere in your home. It needs to be in a shaded area with sufficient spacing in between its surrounding walls, mainly since the condenser coils at the back will emit heat. If you put the freezer too close to the walls or under direct sunlight, then it will cause the freezer to overheat, which will force itself to work harder in producing cold air.


Tip #3: Always Check the Freezer’s Gasket


The gasket is a rubber material that seals the freezer properly, keeping warm air out and the cool air circulating inside. Any damages in the gasket will negatively impact its efficiency as the unit strains itself, which can also affect your electricity bills as the unit will eat up more energy.


Tip #4: Keep the Freezer Full


It’s not a problem for many, but it helps to know the importance of keeping your freezer full. Leaving it empty for days can drop the temperature to less than the ideal range, causing it to accumulate ice over time.


The Bottom Line: Freezer Maintenance Tips that Improve its Efficiency and Longevity


More than anything else, the freezer is one of the most essential appliances in any home today as it ensures the safety and quality of your food or beverages. Treating it right can reward you with a high-performing and long-lasting unit however, neglecting it will only lead to costly consequences.


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