Understanding Fridge Repairs – 3 Common Fridge Issues

Is your refrigerator running efficiently? If the answer is that you’re not sure or if it’s a straight-up no, then you need to have it serviced and fixed back into working condition—and fast!


Having a broken refrigerator is not only inconvenient for you and your family, but it will also cost you more money to keep it running overtime. This will inevitably rack up a high power bill due to your fridge’s excessive electric consumption. Aside from that, imagine having to throw out all the spoiled food that wasn’t properly refrigerated due to an ill-working fridge! These are just some of the fridge-related hang-ups that signal the need to call a professional refrigerator repair service.

Before you start searching for fridge repairs in Melbourne, however, take a moment to know the most common signs of issues with your fridge. Not only will this allows you to know when to call a repair service, but it also saves you some time, money, and effort through proper diagnosis of issues. To help you out in this regard, here are some of the issues that your refrigerator may need a repair service.


1. The food inside your fridge is spoiling too quickly


Your fridge’s main function is to ensure that your food and leftovers won’t spoil easily. If your food is spoiling quickly in the fridge, however, then that’s an immediate sign of a problem on your hands.


It’s completely another matter if you stored food that naturally spoils easily or if your fridge wasn’t running at the standard cold setting. If it’s neither of the two issues, however, then you really need to get your fridge fixed.


Having a half-functioning fridge makes a huge impact on the daily living cost of your home. Aside from paying more money to have regularly fresh groceries, you will also be shouldering a huge electric bill should you not contact a fridge repair service. Even worse, you can risk endangering the health of your family by exposing them to the mould brought by food that wasn’t refrigerated properly! To avoid such occurrences, should you notice your fridge is not cold enough, then getting it repaired should be considered a priority.


2. Your fridge is making loud sounds


Aside from food spoiling quickly, your fridge could also be making loud noises while it’s running. These noises could occur only when you open your fridge, but most of the time it starts making noises even when you haven’t opened it yet.


Always remember that your fridge should only be making one noise: a soft humming sound—this is a sign that it’s working properly. Other noises heard in the background, however, could mean having to call the attention of a repair professional.


For this particular fridge issue, you may want to unplug your fridge first, take out all the food, and get it checked immediately. This will avoid you from spending more on the electrical consumption of your broken fridge.


3. Your fridge has too much ice build-up


If your fridge is not making any loud noises, the issue may not be easily seen. For instance, your freezer may have too much ice building up on the sides. This can even cause an inability to close the freezer door properly.


The issue may mean that your fridge can’t properly control its internal temperature. This leads to a lot of ice build-up inside the freezer, which consequently makes the rest of your fridge either too warm or too cold.


Although it may seem alright to have an excessively cold freezer, the issue here would lie in the power consumption of your fridge. The fridge can consume too much electricity than it needs to maintain a high cooling temperature in the freezer. Aside from that, the improper distribution of cold air is also an issue. As such, it’s best to keep your fridge turned off until you get it repaired.




Your fridge may not properly be running, which requires you to pay careful attention to notice it quickly. In fact, the issues listed above are just a few of the many fridge-related problems that you can encounter. When in doubt, your best option is to call a fridge repair service right away to get your fridge running to how it should be.


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Refridgerator facts

Refrigerator spends around 10% of total electricity in a common household and is more efficient if it has more items in it.

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