3 Possible Reasons Your Clothes Dryer Isn’t Working

“Oh no, why isn’t my dryer starting?”


If you’ve found yourself uttering these words at one point or another, then you’re probably familiar with the stress of dealing with a conked-out clothes dryer.


Let’s face it: washing clothes and drying them off is stressful enough because of all the labour that goes into the process. However, it seems like the only thing that makes everything worse and even more stressful is when the clothes dryer—the device that makes the experience easier—suddenly breaks down.

At this point, you might start to wonder about where else you can get your laundry taken care of while your dryer is out. Yet, having a stubborn appliance that won’t come on isn’t some sort of “one-and-done” ordeal because you can still fix it and prevent any further problems if you understand the issue in greater detail.


Why isn’t the dryer turning on in the first place?


Generally, there are various reasons behind your clothes dryer’s inability to turn on since it’s a relatively complex piece of technology with many moving parts. Knowing how to handle the problem safely and when to call a repair service like Unit Appliances, for instance, requires getting familiar with all the possible points for breakage.


Although each case is different from a situational standpoint, there are three main possible reasons for an appliance that doesn’t turn on as expected:


1. A faulty thermal fuse


One of the biggest reasons a clothes dryer will fail to start is when a thermal fuse runs faulty because a clogged dryer vent causes it to short out.

Considering that this part prevents overheating and helps ensure that an appliance is in good health for a lifetime, it’s easy to see why a malfunction can prevent regular use. If your machine won’t start and it has continued signs of interrupted power flow, then it’s safe to say that the thermal fuse is the culprit.


2. An interrupted power connection


Another potent cause behind a malfunctioning clothes dryer could be interrupted power connections.


When something as electrically dependent as a dryer fails to take in as much electricity as it needs, it’s not going to try and turn on at the very least. If the socket your dryer is plugged into is working when you plug another device into it and the dryer still won’t work, then your power connection issues are in the fuse or circuit breaker.


3. A malfunctioning drive motor


Responsible for operating the dryer’s drum and making sure it turns while ensuring that the blower wheel works, the drive motor plays another potential role in a no-start situation for many reasons.


In the hierarchy of clothes dryer parts, drive motors are high up the list because they influence the appliance’s ability to turn on and off since the average device won’t work without the drum. If you hear a humming noise and nothing more when you try to start your clothes dryer, then you’ll need to let the experts from Unit Appliances take over and make the necessary repairs!




Dealing with a faulty clothes dryer that doesn’t work or turn on as expected will always be a challenging endeavour that entails coming prepared if you want to fix the ordeal. Fortunately, keeping this guide in mind will help you address the problem at hand much more effectively and promptly prevent any further inconvenience!


Unit Appliance provides dryer repairs in Melbourne for any appliance in every type of home with top-quality guarantees and excellent service. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our in-house professionals at your earliest convenience!

Dryer facts

Dryers expose flammable materials to heat. Underwriters Laboratories recommends cleaning the lint filter after every cycle for safety and energy efficiency, provision of adequate ventilation, and cleaning of the duct at regular intervals.