5 Helpful Reminders When Using Your Washing Machine

A washing machine and dryer are two appliances that you should invest in for your home. They make daily living much more convenient – and having clean clothes to wear is always great!


However, just like any other appliance, washing machines and dryers require regular maintenance and proper use. You must take care of them if you want them to serve your household well for many years.

With that said, here are some helpful reminders on how you can take care of your machine when doing regular laundry:


Laundry Reminder #1: Remove items from clothing pockets


You probably know about this already, but it’s important to keep reminding yourself to clear out pockets every time you put them through the wash. Items, such as metal coins and keys, may damage the clothing and scratch the inner components of your washing machine.


Before doing laundry, make it a habit to check all of the pockets of your clothes. Doing so will help you save costs in terms of avoiding costly washer repairs and damaged clothing.


Laundry Reminder #2: Avoid using too much detergent


Some people think that when they put a lot of detergent in their washer, their clothes will come out cleaner. However, this isn’t true. In fact, doing so can damage your washing machine, as it will have to operate harder than usual and produce more water to remove soapy residue. This results in you spending more on detergent, water, and energy costs.


When doing laundry, it is best to follow the instructions as pointed out by the detergent’s packaging or the washer’s manual.


Laundry Reminder #3: Remove wet clothes after each cycle


Once your wash cycle is done, make sure to remove your wet clothes immediately. If left in the washer for a longer time than intended, clothing may damage and cause a buildup of foul odours on your clothes.


Aside from that, the moisture can also trigger the growth of moulds and mildew inside your machine, which can cause significant damage over time. Once again, make it a habit to immediately take wet clothes out of the machine once the cycle has finished. You can use the buzzing sound as a way to remind yourself.


Laundry Reminder #4: Always clean the dryer’s lint trap and vent


Don’t forget to clean out the dryer’s lint trap and vent regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any buildup of lint, which reduces the machine’s efficiency and can pose a fire hazard. Also, make sure to clean the vent out at least once a year. You can do so more frequently if you dry a large volume of clothes in your household.


Laundry Reminder #5: Do not put items made of plastic or rubber in the dryer


You might be tempted to dry your sneakers in your dryer however, doing so is a big no-no. Items made of plastic and rubber can melt inside the hot temperatures of the dryer, which can permanently damage the machine. 


Instead, you can handwash these items and allow them to air dry in your laundry area or backyard. That way, you will prevent your clothing items from getting damaged and let them dry effectively, avoiding foul odours.




The key to having a long-lasting and efficient washing machine and dryer is using them properly and carefully. When doing your laundry, make sure to follow the proper usage instructions, as indicated above. That way, you will get to enjoy reliable appliances and save on costs in the long run.

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Washing Machine facts

You can clean a washing machine by adding two cups of vinegar to the wash cycle. Don’t use any other detergent or put in any laundry. Run through the full cycle.