5 Signs You Need a Washing Machine Technician

Is there something different about your washing machine that you can’t quite identify? Perhaps it’s noisier than usual while it runs, or you’ve noticed a new, unpleasant odour. 


Since washing machine issues often go unseen and unnoticed, it’s essential to know the warning signs. Keep reading to learn the five signs you need a Melbourne washing machine technician to make the proper repairs.

1. Water Doesn’t Leave the Drum

If you’ve finished your wash cycle to find soaking wet clothes and water lingering in the drum, you’ll need to hire a professional to find the underlying issue. The causes of a blocked drum may include:


  • A clogged drain hose
  • A blocked water pump


In the case that your drum hasn’t emptied, avoid conducting further spin cycles until a technician assesses the issue. Running the cycles while the drum isn’t draining can place greater strain on your machine and cause unnecessary damage.


2. Water Doesn’t Fill the Drum

In contrast, if your clothes aren’t being cleaned enough due to a shortage of water in the machine, you’re most likely facing another drum-related issue. The causes of water shortages are:


  • Delayed wash cycles
  • A clogged water filter
  • A clogged water intake valve
  • The hot and cold water taps are off


Since this can be caused by either mechanical issues or sensory issues, it’s best to contact an expert. A professional diagnosis will provide you with the right tools to reach a solution.


3. The Washing Machine Is Noisy

If your once-quiet washing machine is making noise, take note of the type of noise it’s emitting. This will help you identify the culprit and determine if and when you need to hire a washing machine technician. The common washing machine noises are:



A squeaking noise that occurs while your washing machine fills may be a sign that your water pressure needs to be lowered. Another possibility is that your water bearings are worn out.


Grinding and Thumping

Grinding and thumping noises indicate that your washing machine is off-balance. If you check this, however, and don’t see any outward issues, there’s most likely an internal error. This could also mean that you need to replace the tub bearing.


4. The Washing Machine Leaks

If you notice water leaking from your machine, check your hoses for loose connections or cracks. If the hose doesn’t appear to have any issues, there may be a crack in the machine’s tub.


A cracked tub that remains unaddressed can cause major issues such as water damage in your home. Organise washing machine repair services immediately to mitigate the risks.


5. You Smell an Odour

An unexpected odour may occur from built-up bacteria in your machine. The causes of bacteria include:


  • Excessive lint
  • Mildew
  • Soap
  • Dirt
  • Mould


If mould overgrowth is the culprit, you should contact a technician as soon as possible. Once they make the proper repairments, they’ll advise you on the prevention methods you can take moving forward.


Hire an Expert Melbourne Washing Machine Technician

If gone untreated, pesky washing machine issues can grow hazardous. By keeping an eye out for the signs we discussed, you’ll know exactly when to contact a Melbourne washing machine technician for important repairs.


If you’re experiencing an appliance issue, contact Unit Appliances to schedule an appointment. For additional questions, call us at (03) 9559 2800.

Washing Machine facts

Did you know the first washing machine appeared in the 1760s? Of course, it was not the washing machine we know today.