5 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Oven

A stove and oven are an essential part of any kitchen. Depending on your needs, it can take a primary role in your day.


Somewhere along the lines, you realise that some things in your oven are not working as well as they have been before. As the appliance that is used daily, oven maintenance must get done at some point. But how often should it be done after you see the signs?


If you want to get the most out of your oven for as long as possible, you need to clean it. Here are five tips for maintaining your oven in your home.

1. Check Your Burners

You will know your burners need checking when it sparks and creates a flame as it shorts out. Also, watch out for debris, deformities, or a burner that glows somewhat brighter than the other ones.


When you don’t take care of the burners and leave it damaged, that is one of the fastest ways to break an oven.


2. Clean the Grates

While it may seem like an item to make your pan hotter, it can actually get fairly dirty quickly. This is because of the accumulation of oil drops, dirt, or food that gets caught on it over time.


To clean the grates, detach them from the oven, spray with a cleaning product, and place them in a plastic bag for twenty-four hours. Once that is done, clean with soap and water.


3. Be Careful with the Knobs

It may seem like it makes sense to clean the knobs attached to the oven door and clean them. After all, they get covered in dust, right?


Well, if you spray cleaning products right under the knobs, you risk electrocution while they are attached to the electrical system. You don’t want to risk that. Instead, detach them and place them in warm soapy water.


4. Replace the Gas Line

When you get a new oven, it is always a good idea to inspect the gas line and replace it if necessary. There is always a chance that the gas line could have been damaged over a period of time, leaving any type of leak a fire hazard.


Make sure a professional service checks for ruptures and cracks, tightens loose connectors and addresses other causes for concern.


5. Don’t Rely on the Self Cleaner

If your oven is new enough, you may be tempted to only use the self-cleaning feature and not maintain it manually. You should always read your oven’s manual to see how this works and never leave it running when you are not at home.


Oven Maintenance Will Make Yours Last

Owning an oven is an investment for a home that needs care just like a garden. Oven maintenance is an essential part of making sure your oven can function for many years to come inside your home. Take note of the tips listed above and your oven will start working again like it is brand new.


Getting an oven maintenance service does not have to be hard. When your oven is not working, even after you are done cleaning your oven, you can count on us to get it back working again. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and our services.

Oven facts

Oven Knobs Are Really Dirty, Give them a soak in some soapy water to quickly disinfect.