5 Tips to Maintain Your Home Appliances

Hundreds of newer appliances appear in the market daily, with smart home features growing more in popularity. In fact, the market for it is expected to gain up to $4.61 billion by 2027. 


When appliances break beyond repair, it is normal to want to switch to a newer appliance. But if you maintain your current home and kitchen appliances properly, there is no need for you to update your home appliances. 

So how do you maintain items like an oven or dishwasher? Here are five tips to maintain your appliances so they will keep working properly. 

1. Put Small Loads into the Washing Machine 


We’ve all had times when we have used up more clothes than usual and need to place a heavy load of clothes into the washing machine. Yet, you shouldn’t let those heavy loads be a common occurrence.  


When you put too many clothes into the washing machine most of the time you use it, it can damage the agitator over time and stop the machine from making the movements necessary to cycle the clothes. 


2. Check on the Refrigerator Coils 


Our refrigerators are important for keeping our food and drink items cool. Yet if the insulation for it isn’t working, like what happens if you don’t get the dust off the refrigerator coils, your fridge will overheat and spoil the food. 


3. Clean Important Items in Your Dishwasher 


A dishwasher plays a big role in ensuring your plates and bowls are clean, but all that washed-up food and debris can clog the filters and spray arms. Spray vinegar or lemon juice throughout those parts and the rest of the dishwasher to clear those blockages. 


4. Wipe Up Any Messes in the Oven 


The oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances, but it can also break easily if not maintained properly. One way to maintain it is by cleaning the oven every time you use it. This is because food can get hardened by heat and stick to the oven’s sides. 


To clean it, mix vinegar, soap, and baking soda into a paste. 


5. Get Rid of Lint Inside Your Dryer 


Before starting a new load of laundry ready to get dried, you should make sure there is no lint on your dryer’s lint screen. If not, the lint could build up inside the thermal fuse and potentially cause a fire. It can also cause the dryer to not heat your wet clothes. 


While it’s a home appliance repair that is inconvenient to have, it is preventable. 


Maintain Your Home Appliances for the Long Term 


Maintaining home appliances will not be as difficult if you take the necessary steps to keep them working over a long period of time. If you need more protection before it may break, you can buy a home appliance warranty for some insurance. In any case, maintaining your appliances will lead to fewer problems and more time being useful in the home for years to come. 


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Home Appliance facts

Motor-powered dishwashers were invented in 1920.