Best Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Doing your laundry is one of those tasks that is important, even if it can be tedious to do. But did you know that the washing machine in your laundry room can often be expensive to operate?


The expensive truth is that running your washing machine in Australia can cost anywhere from five to 67 cents per load of washing. Depending on the amount of energy or gas you use to heat your home and the price of them in your area, those dollars and cents can really add up in your bills over time.

Here are some washing machine energy saving tips that will make your machine run smarter and longer.


What Does Energy Saver Mean on a Washing Machine?

You may see the “energy saver” setting on your washing options, but what does it actually mean? The setting, which may also be listed as the “Eco” option, uses lower wash and rinse temperatures so less energy is required for heating your clothes. Subsequently, this means that less water is needed to wash your clothes while achieving the goal of dirt removal.


Making sure you have an energy efficient washing machine or setting will help out when doing maintenance on your washer.


Do Your Laundry at the Right Time

Something you may not have considered before is that there are times in the day where doing your laundry will actually place more stress and expense on your energy bill than other times in the day. So, when is the best time?


Actually, you should run your washing machine at night when temperatures are lower or other off-peak hours.


Some More Energy Saving Tips for a Washing Machine

Besides the energy saver setting and washing your clothes at the right time, there are more things you can do to save energy while doing laundry. Here are some more home energy saving tips that you can use while operating your washing machine.


  • Use the high-speed or extended spin cycle setting
  • Only wash when you have a full load of laundry to do
  • Dry your clothes on a clothes-hanger outside instead of using the dryer option
  • Use colder water with a good detergent


Taking these tips into account will help bring your energy bill down in no time.


Use These Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

Yes, clean clothes and towels are necessary. Yet, those clean items should not have to come at an extra cost of your washing machine wasting energy.


We hope these washing machine energy saving tips help you when you’re looking at your own washing machine. Even your washing machine can play a role in helping the environment.


If you’re looking to make your washing machine more energy-efficient, our technicians can help you achieve those goals. Schedule a service with us today or call us at (03) 9559 2800 to learn more.

Washing Machine facts

According to the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW, switching from hot or warm washes to cold could save you up to $124 each year.