Commercial Dryer Repair Signs You Need to Know

In laundromats or apartment buildings, it is easy to leave thoughts about your dryer at the back of your mind as long as your customers are happy. When your dryer starts having issues, it can be detrimental to your business.


While a dryer should last for about a decade, there is always a chance for something inside your commercial dryer to go wrong. In any case, any problem that comes up should be dealt with.


So, what are some issues that can come up with this particular appliance? These are some signs a commercial dryer needs repairing as soon as possible.

It Makes Odd Noises

Dryers do sound noisy when they are operating, so people usually don’t assume anything is wrong. But if you hear clanging that isn’t coming from an item in someone’s clothes, there’s a chance some part within your dryer has begun to loosen. Also, if there is a lot more noise than normal, the drum inside it may be misaligned.


The truth is any noise could come from a variety of issues, so a technician will need to take a look.


It Takes a Long Time to Dry

No one likes doing throwing their just-washed laundry into the dryer only to come back and see it is still sopping wet. It is a big sign your dryer is not working as well as it should be.


Start by tracking the amount of time it takes for your clothes to warm up and get dry if you have any suspicions. The longer you leave it, the more serious the issue will become. 


The Dryer’s Drum Won’t Spin

A big part of the drying process is the drum inside the appliance spinning it. If the drum will not spin, there could be an issue with the drive motor or belt.


The Exhausts Get Clogged

A commercial dryer relies on free-flowing air to work properly. Having the exhausts inside a machine get clogged is one of the most common dryer issues. The problem is when lint that has built up over time clogs the exhaust system.


This should be fixed as soon as possible because the presence of lint can be a fire hazard if left unchecked. You can also make sure to check on the exhaust system a few times a year, although if it’s newer, then it’s okay to check it every three to five years.


Take Heed of These Signs a Commercial Dryer Needs Repairing

Your customers rely on your commercial dryers to be available when it is needed. Having any of them break is a detriment to their convenience and your business.


Spotting any signs of disrepair will save you time and money. If there are any signs commercial dryer needs repairing, a repair technician should get called.

No matter where you are in the Melbourne area, Unit Appliance can help fix your commercial dryer, along with any other laundry machines you need. Schedule an appointment with us today and a technician will help you.

Dryer facts

Dryers have been around for 200 years!

Whether your dryer is gas or electric powered you can thank Pochon from France who created the hand-cranked version in the early 1800s. Although in 1936 the electric clothes dryer was patented manual wringers were still primarily used in homes throughout World War I and II.