Dishwasher Care Tips

While whitegoods appliances make our lives easier, they can also create problems if not maintained properly.

For modern dishwashers, rinsing the dishes is unnecessary and a waste of water and time. Most dishes can go from the table to the dishwasher without a stop at the sink. Wait until you have a full load before running the dishwasher.

When loading it, make sure no dishes obstruct the rotating spray arms. There’s an arm that spins under the bottom rack, another above the top rack and often a third that telescopes up through the bottom rack to spin just under the top rack.

Load the more fragile items in the top rack as the highest pressure jets are directed at the lower rack to help clean pots and utensils. The dry cycle uses a lot of energy.

During the winter months, when the air in the house is generally dry, you don’t need to use this option. Instead, when the dishwasher stops, open it and pull out both racks. Everything will be dry in about an hour.


Contemporary dishwashers use 1/10 water of an average hand wash

female washing dishes