How To Fix A Noisy Rangehood

A rangehood is one of the essential appliances in the kitchen. It contains a canopy and a fan which extracts the bad air circulation caused by the cooking. By removing the bad air, a rangehood maintains the kitchen air quality cleaner.


A rangehood is designated for taking out the foul odours in cooking time and grease, moisture, heat, and other residual substances. There is a filtration system in the rangehood that cleans the air and recirculate the air.

Why a rangehood can become noisy


Sometimes the rangehood becomes noisy because of some problems inside. Let’s discuss what types of problems can be involved in the rangehood:


  • The choice of rangehood is one of the determining factors for noise. When a customer buys a rangehood for the kitchen, they can quickly look up the noise level by decibels. That way they can find a rangehood which makes less noise.


  • Losing the non-return valve makes the rangehood much noisier.


  • When the carbons filters become worn out, it might make more noise. Depending on the rangehood, it may be necessary to change this regularly.


  • Another reason for noise would be when the motor casing is cracked. Often, the motor case is made of plastic. Sometimes it can crack or break, which will make rangehood to become noisy.


  • The extractor fan is an integral part of the rangehood. If it becomes too rusty, then the rangehood can make some noises.


How to fix a noisy rangehood


All kitchen appliances can be repaired. So, rangehood repair is also possible if you follow these guidelines. You can use these as if it’s a new one. Before anything you do with the appliances, you need to disconnect all the power supply linked with the appliance.


  1. Firstly, you need to make sure the root cause of the noise. You need to trace the button on the front side of the rangehood and turn on the power. You need to be very concentrated about that time, wait for speed up, and identify the noise. Also, you need to find out if the noise is made irregularly or continuously.


  1. Then, you need to trace the screw that is holding up the rangehood. Using a screwdriver, pull off the cover to make a clear view of the fan and keep the cover in a safe place.


  1. After this, you need to observe the fan very carefully to find out whether it has a crack or damages to the blades. Remove the screws in the rangehood and take the fan out in the rangehood canopy.


  1. You need to find out if the fan is cracked or clean the blades. If it is not cleaned, then just clean, or if it has severe damages, you might need to replace it.


  1. Now, match your blade with a new one and install it at the top of the rangehood. Then tighten this same screwdriver that has been used before.


  1. Finally, put the fan cover in the rangehood and tighten the screw and test the fan if it is working correctly or not.


This can help reduce the noise. You can do this yourself, but it would be better to hire someone who has more knowledge about appliance repair. Contact your trusted local appliance repair service to fix your noisy rangehood and know you’re in safe hands with their expert knowledge.

Rangehood facts


​The position of an overhead range hood provides optimal lighting for cooking, illuminating the most important view.