How To Fix Common Oven Problems

An oven might not be used every day in the kitchen, but it sure makes cooking your dinners or desserts easier when it is working. If it stops working one day, it throws your whole routine off balance.


While ovens can last for as long as 12 years, you still need to maintain your oven and fix any issues that may come up so you will be able to use it for its full lifetime. 


Are you looking for solutions to help with electric or gas oven repair? Here are some simple tips to help with oven repairs and to make your oven last longer.

The Oven Won’t Heat Correctly to the Right Temperature

If you’re trying to cook your food and it always turns out over or undercooked, that means you could have an issue with the temperature sensor, the gas igniter, or the heating element.


You should move the temperature sensor away from the walls of the oven. If you still want to test its accuracy, purchase an oven thermometer, preheat the oven to the desired temperature, and take a temperature reading after 20 minutes and every 20 minutes for the next hour and a half to 2 hours. From there, you can change the temperature dial.


The Oven Door Won’t Close

Thankfully, doing oven door repairs is an easy fix that can be done with the tools you have at home. Try to see if food crumbs or debris is the culprit. Then, check to see if the hinges are either rusty or looking grimy.


Broken springs can be removed with pliers and door alignment can be fixed by tightening and loosening the hinges. If after all of that the door still won’t close, then there is a chance the oven door sensor will need to get replaced.


The Burners Aren’t Getting Hot

Having the burners not getting hot enough is a common reason many seek electric oven repair. What is most likely to happen is the burner has gone bad after a period of time and now needs replacing.


Go to the burner socket and install a new burner inside it.


Yet if the new one still doesn’t heat, then you need to look at the infinite switch or the socket. If the socket looks burned or damaged, then replace that. If not, move on to the infinite switch and replace it.


If your oven is gas, then food might have spilled over the burner and clogged the burner socket, meaning it fails to ignite. Remove the burner and clean it with a mild detergent and water before reinstalling it. 


These Oven Repairs Will Get You Back in the Kitchen

Having the oven not working can be frustrating. The next time your oven breaks down, take these tips for oven repairs into account and get your oven working again. Once you do so, you can go back to cooking your favourite meals. 


You don’t have to despair if you cannot fix it by yourself. If you want to find the right professionals to do oven repairs in Melbourne, our technicians are here to help. Schedule a service with us online or call (03) 9559 2800.

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