How to Maintain Your Appliances and Prepare for Next Winter

The winter season in Australia has just passed, but everyone misses the warm pots of soup and steaming pasta bowls that often accompany that time of year. Every one of these dishes is cooked with great care, and this lovely home scenario many Australians look forward to every year is a reminder of why it is vital to ensure that your appliances are always in the best condition.


To experience the same warm and loving winter season next year, you have to make sure that you can cook your winter specialties on your range of appliances. There is no right or wrong timing for appliance maintenance. What is important is to start now.

If you are looking for tips on how to maintain your appliances correctly, here are two steps you should regularly implement in your cleaning routine. 


Step 1: Clean your burners and drip pans


You should not only clean your pots and pans after cooking. It is also essential to clean the burners and drip pans of your oven and stove, although this can be done less frequently. Having a clean range of appliances is delightful to the eyes and can ensure that all of the burners are evenly heating. Keeping them clean will also make them last longer, preventing you from spending on new ones.


How to do it: When the burners are completely cooled, lift them out of the range, and remove the drip pans. Get a plastic zip-close bag and put a small amount of ammonia inside it. Place a burner pan in each of these zip-close bags. Seal them and wait for a few hours before rinsing them and putting them back on the appliances. 


Step 2: Do not forget about your rangehood


The rangehood is the most often forgotten part of the appliance, but its cleanliness is as crucial as the other parts. A well-maintained rangehood will keep your kitchen well-ventilated in times of use.


How to do it: Cleaning the rangehood is simple. You only need to soak it in your kitchen or laundry sink. Start by filling your basin with warm water and add a cup of vinegar. Then, submerge the hood for about ten minutes. Lastly, rinse it off with your sink or shower sprayer.


What if you need appliance repair?


If you notice that one of the electric burners in your range is not properly heating, you might need to replace it. First, you need to know where the problem is coming from. It can be from the burner itself or the socket.


To find out which, remove the affected burner and replace it with another burner from the range. If the burner starts to work correctly, then all you need is to buy a new burner. However, if you still experience the same problem, you may need to request a professional repair or replacement service.


This problem usually arises from grime build-up, especially for gas burners. Make sure that your burner is always clean and free from any debris and build-up. If you are sure that you clean and maintain it well enough, there may be a deeper problem that only repairs can solve.




Maintaining appliances at home guarantees that all the devices you have at home will work properly in times of need and keep your home and property safe from any accidental damage. Kitchen appliances tend to have handles, buttons, and switches, which are prone to spilled food and grease. If you do not want to spend another thousand dollars buying a new one, make sure that you care for them well.


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Appliance Maintenance facts

If you see that there is more than half an inch of ice built up in the freezer, it means that it’s time to clean it up.