Smart Hacks To Keep Your Dishwasher Working Properly

The dishwasher timeline inside a home can be taken for granted by many homeowners. There is usually the view that unless it is broken, there is no need to do something about it. As a matter of fact, thirty per cent of all new dishwashers are likely to have issues within five years of installation.


Sometimes, getting your dishwasher working can seem rather complicated to handle on your own. Therefore, getting new hacks in your skillset will improve the dishwasher function. So, if you want to know about some hacks to keep your dishwasher working, then keep reading to learn about them.

Only Run the Dishwasher When Full

You may desire to wash your dishes every night so you can have sparkling new dishes in the morning. The problem with this is that if you do not have a lot of silverware or dishes inside, you use more water than necessary and shorten your dishwasher timeline.


Accordingly, only run the dishwasher when the appliance is full but not too full.


Use Detergent That is Good Quality

Many people confuse the need to use dishwashing detergent versus dish soap. If you don’t want a soapy, sudsy mess when you open the door, you should improve the dishwasher function with dishwashing detergent or powder that is good quality.


Clean Your Dishes Before Running It

We all see those commercials that say your dishwasher should be able to clean your dishes without you doing anything beforehand. Sadly, that is not true. What does actually happen is the pre-rinse setting on your dishwasher will do more damage than if you don’t.


If you clean the food scraps off your plate, you can prevent any clogs from growing.


Put Vinegar Inside and Run the Dishwasher

When you take your glasses out of the dishwasher, it is disappointing to see that they have turned cloudy. To solve this, put one to two cups of vinegar inside your dishwasher every few weeks. One benefit of this is that you will also solve the problem of hard water mineral deposits that develop over time and cause cloudiness.


Get Inspections Done Occasionally

Even if there is a small issue going on with your dishwasher, getting it inspected once a year cannot be a bad thing.


So when the time comes during the year that you want to check on how well your dishwasher cycle stages are doing, start searching for an appliance company that does great dishwasher repair services.


Use These Hacks to Keep Your Dishwasher Working

Many people do not think about how they will need to fix their dishwasher until it starts breaking down. Using any of these hacks above will be enough to keep your dishwasher working, yet it is still necessary to maintain it in the long run.


From a simple dishwasher repair to the most complex issue, our technicians at Unit Appliance can help fix it. They will give you guidance on what you can do to prevent any issues in the future. Schedule a service with us today by calling or emailing us.

Dishwasher facts

Dishwashers are almost wholly recyclable

There’s a whole host of organisations which will recycle your unused dishwasher, some even offering a small fee, so next time you’re changing dishwashers be sure to dispose of your previous one appropriately.