Tips for a Long-Lasting Laundry System

You’ve moved out of your cramped rental and finally have ample room for a washer and dryer. No more long waits at the local laundromat—you can simply toss your dirty clothes and keep going about your day.


However, a dependable laundry system isn’t as simple as plug-and-play. You’ll have to care for and maintain your washer and dryer like you would any other unit appliance in your home. If you’re noticing a drop in system efficiency, put these care tips into practice.

Tip 1 – Level Your Machine


If you’ve situated your laundry system on an un-level surface, the strong vibrations will likely move it across the floor. Not only does this produce unwanted damage to your surface—it can negatively impact your machine as well.


Always adjust front-level legs to the appropriate height and tighten the lock nut against the body of your equipment.


Tip 2 – Clean the Surface


Excess spilled detergent can affect your machine more than you’d anticipate, especially if it’s leaking into mechanical components. Always wipe up debris and spills after using your washer, along with anything caught on gaskets and doors. Pay special attention to crevices and cracks.


Tip 3 – Remove Any Lint


Contrary to popular belief, your dryer isn’t the only machine at risk of accumulating lint in its ducts and traps. Your washer is just as susceptible to lint build-up if you aren’t meticulous about maintaining it.


If you notice that your agitator is no longer functioning correctly, it could be due to lint that cycles into the drain. If your machine has a lint filter, ensure that you give this a proper wash with every use.


Tip 4 – Check Water Hoses


The water hose that comes with your brand-new washing machine is all too easy to overlook. What most homeowners don’t know is that they can eventually leak and burst. Observe your hoses for any sign of wear and weakness and replace them as necessary.


Tip 5 – Avoid Over-drying


Over-drying your clothing will cause your energy bills to skyrocket and may tear away at your clothing.


Tip 6 – Equip a Moisture Sensor


Most machines will come equipped with a moisture sensor, which will automatically end the cycle once your clothes are dry.


Tip 7 – Keep Your Washer Door Open


After a cycle, keep your washer door a crack open to avoid mildew and unpleasant odours. Keep pets and younger children from entering the washroom—you never know the disaster that can occur!


Tip 8 – Vent Your Dryer


If you aren’t venting your dryer, it can accumulate lint that isn’t only damaging to the machine, but your health as well. Too much lint can produce carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous, gaseous element that is detrimental to your lungs.


Don’t over-extend your dryer vent and ensure that there aren’t any sags. Avoid fire hazards.


Tip 9 – Clean the Inside of Your Machine


Your machine externals aren’t the only part of your equipment that needs cleaning. As a matter of fact, its internal mechanisms will demand more maintenance. Clean out dispensers and attachments at least once a month, especially if you’re utilising non-colourfast clothing.


Tip 10 – Prepare Your Machines When Away from Home


If you’re heading off for a weeklong getaway, you can’t merely leave your machines as-is. Ensure that you unplug your equipment and check for any leaks to avoid accidental flooding.




The key to a successful laundry load is ensuring that your washer and dryer are in tip-top shape. Leave them to combust, and you’ll be facing a costly replacement!


For appliance repairs that never fail to satisfy, consult with Unit Appliances. We understand that some conveniences are easy to take for granted and are more than happy to shoulder the maintenance aspect of your thriving household.

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