Tips for Your Home Appliances To Last Longer

Finding ways of maintaining home appliances is a necessary part of being a homeowner. In fact, it has been shown that homeowners will spend between one to four per cent of a home’s value annually on maintenance and repairs on average.


Access to cheaper and better appliances have popped up for homeowners to enjoy, but it does not take a lot of effort to maintain them so you can enjoy the appliances you’ve worked hard to get.

When your owner’s manual is not giving you much clarity, you need some advice about how to maintain your home appliances. If you need any home appliance tips, this article is the one for you.


Oven Maintenance

If you want to be able to eat all of your favourite dishes year-round, you need to keep up with oven maintenance, even in winter. Here are some ways you can maintain your oven:


  • Clean up any food spills on the iron grates
  • If the oven temperatures don’t work, recalibrate it by placing an oven thermometer on the centre shelf
  • Use the self-clean setting sparingly
  • Check the burners regularly
  • Inspect the gas line once in a while
  • Clean it in full every three months or so


Just taking these small steps to maintain your oven will extend your oven’s lifetime.


Dishwasher Maintenance

Dishwashers are an essential part of any kitchen. These dishwasher maintenance tips will save you a lot of time and spare you from any leaks:


  • To clean the dishwasher’s filter, pull out the lower rack, remove the filter cover, and use a wet/dry vacuum to clean off the screen
  • Pouring some mineral oil and water into the bottom of the dishwasher keep the seals inside it moisturised
  • Remove any food particles and residue on glasses and plates
  • Get an energy-efficient dishwasher whenever possible


The reason why you should have and maintain an energy-efficient dishwasher is because of the introduction of MEPS and energy labelling—dishwashers today use 25% less energy compared to those made even ten years ago.


Washing Machine Maintenance

Another home appliance that is so important to maintain is your washing machine. If you want to make sure your washer lasts a long time, take a look at these tips below:


  • Clean the rubber gasket (which wraps around the edges of the machine) each month.
  • Leave the machine door open after use for 15-30 minutes to reduce bacteria developing inside.
  • Make sure your washing machine is level.
  • Clean the outside of the machine and try not to put anything heavy on it as it may scratch.


Washing machine may require regular maintenance, but you should still take maintenance for it into consideration, so you don’t end up with dirty clothes or a machine not working at its best.


Take These Home Appliance Tips into Account

Taking care of your appliances should not have to cost a lot of time and energy. As long as you maintain them at the right times, you should make them work to the manufacturer’s standards, you will be able to know how to take care of home appliances and have them work in your home for as long as you live there.


Take these home appliance tips into account whenever you see that maintenance is due. But if you are having trouble with it, you can call Unit Appliance. Our technicians know how to maintain & repair appliances.


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