What Are the Top Signs of Washing Machine Repair?

A washing machine plays a central role in the home, making sure that any of your clothes, fabrics, and blankets can be cleaned with no more stains present. Even the best washing machines should be repaired after seven years of using them in your home.


If you want to learn about the top signs, you need a washing machine repair, then keep reading this post.

You Hear Washing Machine Sounds

From beeps and clicks to clothes hitting against the drums, your washing machine is bound to make a little bit of noise. Beyond that, there are some noises that your washing machine 
should not be making.


When you hear noises like squeaking, you may need to lower the machine’s water pressure. If there are grinding and thumping sounds, the machine itself may be unbalanced and need recalibrating. For that, move the clothes around to make them dispersed evenly, or move the machine to get it close to the ground.


You See a Leaking Washing Machine

If you see a puddle of water present next to your machine, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. One of the main problems is that the washing machine hoses may either not have gotten installed tightly or has cracks present within the hose.


Another issue that may cause leaking is if there is a crack in the washing machine tub. While this is less likely to happen with newer washing machines that have stainless steel tubs, it is still possible in older appliances.


Either way, any water outside your washing machine could lead to electrical issues if it’s near a plug.


The Drum Inside the Machine Won’t Turn

Getting your clothes clean with detergent and fabric softeners and water depends on the ability of the drum to move clockwise throughout the cycle. When the drum does not turn, this leads to your clothes staying as dirty as they were before.


The drum not turning could be caused by a drain hose that is clogged or a water pump that got blocked over time. If your drum still will not turn after you have cleared out the drain hose or water pump, then you should not put your clothes in for another cycle until a technician takes a look.


Call a Technician for Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are important for your clothes and other fabrics to get cleaned without much trouble. But making sure your washing machine does its job requires you needing to know what signs mean it is broken. If you notice that you need a washing machine repair, then calling an appliance technician is the best step going forward.


At Unit Appliance, our repair technicians are trained in doing a washing machine repair service that will get your machine working again. If you need someone qualified and trained in fixing washing machines, schedule a service with us today.

Washing Machine facts

Appearing in the 1760s, the first washing machines were generally a wooden box filled with clothes then spun by hand.